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Risks for Pharmaceutical Companies Expanding into Emerging Markets

Emerging markets growth for pharmaceutical companies presents formidable risks. With the high costs of market entry and expansion, it is of critical importance to actively identify, manage, and mitigate these risks by employing methods tailored to the specifically targeted emerging market environment.
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Pervasive Risks Based Validated Application Development – Taming the Elephant

Today’s market demand is for Oncloud Hosting, Mobility and Integration which calls in for an application development framework with Business Processes, technology, Infrastructure, Regulations and the Security in built.” The Elephant” regulations and risk of Noncompliance is a trepidation and pervasive throughout.
Taming of the elephant has been in practice in the East form 200 BCE. In India, Elephants were not only in warfare but also domesticated and employed in Agriculture. Is not elephant raring and domestication a high risk? How was the animal domesticated? The answer is the beast was trained and habituated to work in synchronization on known pervasive risks factors about the animal.
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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in 2015 and Beyond

Pharmaceutical manufacturers walk a fine line balancing contradictory forces. They must think about new regulations versus increased outsourcing and expiring patents versus the expectation of sustained profitability, for example.
The bad news is that the rules imposed on the industry aren’t getting less complicated. And while it may keep compliance officers busy, regulations are just one of many forces eating away at manufacturers’ bottom lines. As brands go off-patent, pharmaceutical companies lose the luxury of high margins and are faced with fierce competition. As a result, they are forced to increasingly rely on outsourced active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and expand into emerging markets to maintain and grow their revenue. That increased reliance on outside manufacturers, however, represents a loss of control – a concept which seems to run counter to tightening regulation. Movement into emerging represents another series of complications and challenges, including cost to serve new segments, security and traceability.
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