You’re Killing Us and it Has to Stop

The pharmaceutical industry has provided the world with incredible medical breakthroughs. Because of Salk’s (and Sabin’s) research and generosity, polio no longer ravages bodies or brings fear to communities. Diabetes can be managed with a number of products, giving diabetics a higher quality of life than ever before. With the birth control pill, women can effectively plan the size of their families and for many, gain relief from menstrual cycles that are unregulated, abnormally heavy, or painful. From your place in a pharmaceutical company, you are uniquely positioned to change the world in positive ways, to improve the lives of millions, known and unknown to you. It is a tremendous opportunity to be an actor for good.
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Insight: Life Sciences Compliance Considerations for 2016

Although science continues to outpace the law, it is imperative that compliance infrastructures remain current. Effective compliance programs continue to be top of mind for industry stakeholders. Investors, elected officials, enforcement authorities, government and private payors, and employees themselves continue to demand responsible corporate behavior from health care and life sciences companies, management and directors.   Whether large cap or small cap; traded on a public market or held privately; involved with a significant sized product portfolio or focused on a small number of products; U.S. domiciled or foreign-based, those participating in the industry continue to ask tough questions about the compliance culture and the “tone at the top” of these organizations. In 2015, there were several long-awaited settlements of multi-year false claims act government investigations and other judicial decisions. These included Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Genzyme Corporation and Warner Chilcott settlements; as well as the Amarin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. decisions. Such developments should be used by life science companies to update and assess the effectiveness of their respective corporate compliance programs in 2016. Three key compliance areas to remain focused in 2016 are discussed below.
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Topic of Discussion

Three Smart Multi-Channel Marketing Resolutions for 2016

How pharma marketers can make this the year be more efficient with multi-channel MLR submissions, go mobile, and leverage vendor partners to the fullest – all with the end goal of better engaging targets while complying with FDA marketing requirements
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