Pharma’s Regulation Shifts in the Past Decade

Changes in marketing, big recoveries reshape drug industry
Regulation aims to serve as a brake to curb some of the market’s excesses, protect customers, and try to keep competition fair. In healthcare, the need for regulation has greater stakes since we are dealing with the physical well-being of patients. Given the amount of money flowing into healthcare, regulations also consider the financial well-being of patients, insurers, taxpayers and other payers.
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Hiring the Right Compliance and Ethics Officer

In today’s highly regulated healthcare environment, establishing an effective compliance program is essential for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Equally important to the organization’s compliance and ethics program is the leadership assigned to oversee it. When selecting potential candidate(s), it’s critical to outline the desired qualities and know how these fit into the compliance culture of your institution.
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FDA Social Media Guidelines in 2015: Engaging with Your Audience on Their Terms

Since the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hearings about Social Media in 2009, clarification on proper use and the overall comfort level surrounding the use of social channels for pharmaceutical marketing has been gradual. Now, half-way through the 2010s, marketers and the FDA are facing a new set of marketing technology challenges, driven by the explosion of mobile devices, along with an increasing reliance on responsive web design to proportion web experiences on-the-fly according to screen-size.
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