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Pharma Compliance Monitor expert editorial staff often leverages the brightest minds in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to ensure we are delivering the most important news, developments, tips and strategies, best practices and insights to our followers and readers.

Individuals that contribute to Pharma Compliance Monitor are known as Expert Columnists.

• Do you have a story to tell that is worthy of being told?
• Are there important trends or developments that need to be highlighted?

If you believe you have news or a story that is worthy of publication in PCM, please let us know at Editorial.

Editorial Guidelines
Our Expert Columnist articles are designed to remain company-neutral and content-rich, meaning that we do not allow entities to promote a specific cause, product or service. An article should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,500 words. The author has flexibility with the agreed upon topic.

There are only two requirements — please speak to the chosen topic and the community PCM serves – pharmaceutical or biotechnology governance, risk and compliance professionals and executives.

Our Expert Columnists must author original articles that have not been published prior.

Articles contributed to PCM are profiled with an author photo and biography in our Expert Columnist section.