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IIyssa Levins

IIyssa Levins

Ilyssa Levins is president and founder of the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC), which helps drug and device companies boost performance in a regulated environment.

A futurist and innovative thinker, Ilyssa invented a suite of e-learning, software and change management products that increase product launch effectiveness, accelerate digital innovation and build trust across functions, geographies and sectors.

Ilyssa intimately understands the industry’s challenges and opportunities, having achieved success in two distinct disciplines while navigating the global healthcare environment for over three decades.

As a marketer, Ilyssa ran a global communications practice for Grey Global Group, a top-ten agency known for integrated global campaigns utilizing ad/promo; promotional education; public relations; and digital and patient relationship marketing tools. Ilyssa launched the first clinical trial recruitment practice within a marketing agency to speed up patient accrual and helped clients communicate medical data to key stakeholders, from patient advocacy groups to national media.

As a regulatory compliance specialist, she consults with drug and device companies and their promotional agencies to help them manage risk, increase efficiencies and nurture a values-based culture.

An industry spokesperson, published author/columnist and award winner, Ilyssa was named 2014 STAR by the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and received the 2011 HBA President’s Award. An NYU Phi Beta Kappa, Ilyssa was also named one of the industry’s 100 Inspiring People by PharmaVoice.

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