Open to Misinterpretation: Sunshine Act Disclosures Can Cloud Context of Reasons for Payments

A new wave of Open Payments (Sunshine) Act data will be available June 30, featuring updated 2013 and a first look at 2014 data about payments made to providers by drug and device makers. Data issued for the first time in September represented a benchmark when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services required disclosures from drug and medical device makers about what they pay doctors and teaching hospitals.

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Pharma’s Regulation Shifts in the Past Decade

Changes in marketing, big recoveries reshape drug industry
Regulation aims to serve as a brake to curb some of the market’s excesses, protect customers, and try to keep competition fair. In healthcare, the need for regulation has greater stakes since we are dealing with the physical well-being of patients. Given the amount of money flowing into healthcare, regulations also consider the financial well-being of patients, insurers, taxpayers and other payers.
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CMS Returns Rejected Sunshine Data; What’s Next?

On September 30, 2014, CMS publically published Open Payments data and needless to say, it has been a bumpy road. With about 40 percent of records de-identified due to what CMS stated was a result of “inconsistent physician information, such as National Provider Identifier (NPI) for one doctor and a license number for another”, the lack of follow-up left applicable manufacturers and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) with their hands tied.
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