Why Brand Name Development Needs to be a Part of Your Strategic Focus

Regulatory approval exists as the final hurdle to product launch – the final sign that this product, which has been studied, tested, researched, strategized – and yes, branded – is ready to find its place on the market. That it’s time for the preparation to pay dividends in making a difference in a patient’s life.
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Beyond Traditional Marketing: What are the New Strategies for Pharma Sales?

Sales targets! Profit margins! Lead generation! Conversion rate! Market share!  These are terms that constantly haunt sales individuals. From giving doctors expensive gifts to recommending off-label uses for drugs, pharma sales representative were more concerned on achieving sales goals rather than ethical considerations. But now it is changing. With the new code of ethics guidelines from OIG and PhRMA, traditional sales and marketing activities are triggering enforcement actions. So what are the new marketing strategies pharma companies are considering? [Read more…]

Pharmaceutical Promotion Compliance: Avoiding the Common Mistakes

There are certain key questions to keep in mind when creating promotional materials for prescription drugs and reviewing these materials for regulatory compliance:
• Is the content truthful and not misleading?
• Does the content present a full and balanced disclosure of risks and material facts?
• Are the product claims being made in the promotional material explicitly included within the indication approved by the FDA?
• Are the product claims supported by substantial evidence?
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