Why Build a Culture of Compliance?

Misconduct is on everyone’s minds, especially Compliance leaders. No one wants their company to be the next one in the news for a corporate scandal, employee-led data breach, or insider trading charge. This is even truer in highly regulated industries, where organizations’ activities are closely watched by the government. But misconduct seems hard to manage – after all, it’s hard to control the actions of every employee, especially at large, global organizations. [Read more…]

The New Relationship Dilemma: Evaluating Physician Payment Transparency Regulations

The struggle is real. As an executive in health care, I understand the impact regulation has on our business.  No doubt, physicians and pharmaceutical companies feel it as well: especially given some very significant changes that have transpired over the past 20 months. The Physician Financial Transparency Reports, or Sunshine Act, requires increased reporting of financial relationships between health care providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers and sheds light on potential conflicts of interest. Ultimately, the Act surmises, patients would have a better opportunity to learn about potential conflicts and consider those in the context of their prescribed treatment. But like others, well-intentioned legislations, I sometimes wonder how the Act is working.
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Technology is Ready to Handle Pharma Supply Chain Challenges . . . But are the Industry’s People Trained to Optimize It?

There is good news in the realm of pharmaceutical supply-chain issues: The latest software and processes are powerful for helping companies adopt measureable quality control standards. They provide the deepest look yet into a pharmaceutical supply chain.
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