Why Brand Name Development Needs to be a Part of Your Strategic Focus

Regulatory approval exists as the final hurdle to product launch – the final sign that this product, which has been studied, tested, researched, strategized – and yes, branded – is ready to find its place on the market. That it’s time for the preparation to pay dividends in making a difference in a patient’s life.
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Three Smart Multi-Channel Marketing Resolutions for 2016

How pharma marketers can make this the year be more efficient with multi-channel MLR submissions, go mobile, and leverage vendor partners to the fullest – all with the end goal of better engaging targets while complying with FDA marketing requirements
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Pharma’s Regulation Shifts in the Past Decade

Changes in marketing, big recoveries reshape drug industry
Regulation aims to serve as a brake to curb some of the market’s excesses, protect customers, and try to keep competition fair. In healthcare, the need for regulation has greater stakes since we are dealing with the physical well-being of patients. Given the amount of money flowing into healthcare, regulations also consider the financial well-being of patients, insurers, taxpayers and other payers.
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