Patient Assistance Programs: The Next Issue to put Pharm in the Penalty Box?

The time was 10 AM on the morning of April 18th, 2016, when Michael Pearson, beleaguered CEO of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, sat down before the US Senate Committee on Aging hearing titled: Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ Business Model: the Repercussions for Patients and the Health Care System. If the session name alone was not damning enough, the tension was heightened by the uncertainties surrounding Mr. Pearson. Previously, the CEO had avoided past hearings, but this time, Senators Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Susan Collins (R-ME) had indicated they would pursue contempt of Congress charges if the prodigal CEO did not appear in person. To all in attendance, it was unclear how Pearson would perform after only returning to work weeks earlier, following a long hospital-based absence reportedly battling life-threatening pneumonia. As Senators initiated what would become a nine-hour inquiry into Valeant’s actions to acquire and increase the price of rare disease medicines, one new issue came to the fore — patient assistance programs. Continue reading "Patient Assistance Programs: The Next Issue to put Pharm in the Penalty Box?"

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Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) Accelerates Time to Market

A new model of aggregating, harmonizing and analyzing healthcare data is giving pharma companies unprecedented ability to both reduce development costs and to accelerate the time bringing new drugs to market.
Called dPaaS for Data Platform as a Service cloud-based model puts the focus on data being at the center of the business universe rather than applications. This means that regardless of what application is required, access to data is always available. More often than not today, we have applications that create boundaries around data rather than making data accessible for all business needs. Not only does dPaaS provide maximum flexibility and scale for pharma researchers, but it allows expert scientists to use their time and skills wisely toward actual drug development, rather than serving as high-cost “data janitors” in cleaning and preparing their data for analysis.
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Topic of Discussion

Creating a Compliant Culture

Creating a compliant culture: In this age of distributed data sources, commercialization of IT with “bring your own devices,” the demands of business to get faster and unrestricted access to data, compliance teams are more challenged than ever before. The reality is that although the onus of compliance and regulatory reporting fall to the select few within the enterprise that bear that title, being knowledgeable about best practices in handling sensitive data, and doing business in a compliant way is everyone’s responsibility.
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