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Don’t Let Medical Device Recalls Defeat You Like Mayweather

Executing a product recall is no easy feat, especially in the medical device sector. From catheter insertion kits, to pace makers to knee replacements, medical device products are critical for patients’ health, safety and in some circumstances, for their lives. That’s why when it comes to medical device recalls, time and safety is of the essence. Any delay in the timing of a medical device recall can pose a high risk to patient safety and in severe cases, could mean the difference between life and death. Even for manufacturers with air-tight record keeping, the planning and preparation as well as the complex regulatory standards and compliance requirements involved in a medical device recall can be a challenge.
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Taygan Point Consulting Group

R & D Portfolio Management – A Disciplined Approach to Unlocking Value

As the Biopharma industry continues to go through significant transformation there are many core capabilities that Biopharma companies must have. But perhaps none is more important than the ability to effectively discover and launch new products. There are many key milestones that a successful biopharmaceutical company achieves during its journey from a start-up to a vertically integrated company.  Some are externally visible, such as discovering a breakthrough new molecular entity (NME), shepherding the NME through late-stage development, receiving approval from the Regulatory Authorities, and launching a new drug.  Other milestones are more subtle internal indicators of a biopharma’s capabilities and progress down its maturity curve as an organization.
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Accelerate Success Group

Millennials and Gen Ys Mold the future of Life Sciences

Articles, conversations, and debates abound over the cohort of adults born between 1980 and 2000. Coined the Millennials and Generation Y, the eldest have reached their mid-30s and occupy technical and management positions. They are the successors to Generation X and Baby Boomer executives and corporate leaders. What are the implications for Life Sciences and the Pharmaceutical industries and what shifts have already taken place?
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