Compliance Due Diligence in an M&A Environment

In the pharmaceutical industry, mergers and acquisitions happen on a fairly frequent basis and as such, require due diligence across various business processes. While these mergers may have positive and negative effects on the industry as a whole, one of the most pressing issues is whether the compliance risk is raised as a result.
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They Ain’t Just Whistling Dixie: The Latest on Whistleblowing in America’s Drug Industry

The past three years have been tough on America’s drug industry. The entire chain of commerce from Manufacturer to wholesaler to pharmacy continues to defend accusations that their business dealings caused the federal and state governments to pay “false” claims at taxpayer expense.   Through a seemingly orchestrated campaign, the US Attorney General, the Office of Inspector General for HHS, and various state Attorneys General all tout the ongoing need for persons with knowledge of industry practices to “blow the whistle” on their employers. This campaign is impacting all levels of the drug industry and targeting an array of conduct.
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Recent Trends in Whistleblower Protection under Dodd–Frank

The enactment of the Dodd–Frank Act was intended to provide the SEC with an important weapon in its mission to seek and vigorously prosecute the commission of securities and other types of frauds domestically and overseas. By providing to whistleblowers monetary incentives ranging between 10 percent and 30 percent of fines assessed, the whistleblower program has gained an element of popularity—some would say notoriety—amongst would-be reporters of putative wrongdoing. Recent Federal Court decisions, however, have created significant roadblocks that could blunt the Dodd–Frank juggernaut.
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